Gift Basket for Dad

You can find baskets anywhere and there are many available in cute shapes including sports themes. Find a unique basket or make one for Dad yourself then fill it with lots of things he likes.

Coil Basket

For a masculine touch, use denim for this project. If you have cut off a pair of jeans, the excess will work perfectly. Cut the pieces into long strips about an inch wide. Braid the strips together then tie a knot in one end. Sew the other end or apply hot glue to keep it from unraveling. Starting with the knot, begin coiling fabric strips around it until you form a circle large enough to become the base of the basket. Use hot glue or fabric glue to keep the coil from unraveling. You can pin it will straight pins until the glue dries. Next, begin coiling fabric strips on top of the base. Continue until it is as high as you want it to be. You can make a handle from a braided strip of fabric, or forego the handle.

Fill the Basket

Fill the basket with things you know Dad will enjoy. Does he like crossword puzzles or racecar magazines? Add these items. What kind of treats does dad like? If he likes brownies, make a batch to add to the basket. If Dad has a favorite band, include a new CD. Maybe he likes computer games and you can find one he would enjoy. You can often find them for around $10.00. If your Dad likes to golf, you can always throw in some golf balls and tees. If he loves to read, a great page turning novel is a nice gift, so check out the best sellers. A paperback will work, or if he collects books, choose the hardcover edition. You can also include items such as shaving cream and after shave or some nice lotion made just for men.