Gift Idea: Deck of Cards Album – Making The Pages

Yesterday I got you started on creating a mini altered album out of a simple deck of cards. I have been working on these creations for the past twenty four hours. These are gifts for my five children for Christmas. The only time I have to work on them is while they are at school. So I am trying to get as much done as I can. Thankfully they have been in the works for several weeks now, and I am almost complete.

Today let’s get started on creating the pages of these albums. We left off with a piece of sandpaper and simple strokes to remove the sealant on each individual card. Hopefully you have completed all of that, and are ready to get to work.

Gather all of your scraps of papers, ribbons, fibers, cardstock, stickers and anything else you think you might use.

It’s time to start creating your background. I used the collage effect for my background so I could use up many of the pieces of scrap paper I had lying around. Just lay the paper this way and that way completely covering the card on both sides. If you are following a color scheme it shouldn’t matter if some overlaps the other side. If you are not following a color scheme but are creating pages that coordinate with the photos or event, it is important to watch where you lay the pieces of paper. Either trim the edges or tear the edges so that nothing is overlapping on either side. Don’t worry if they aren’t lying flat. We’ll fix that in a moment.

The picture above shows what my background looked like after I finished the collage effect. I didn’t do much because I have so many to do, but you could get really creative with each individual card.

Next, you are going to want to apply your own sealant. I chose Modge Podge because it serves as an adhesive in addition to being sealer and finish. Cover the entire card with the sealant. Now taking the photograph you want to use, place it how you want it on the card. Next apply a coat of sealant over the photograph making sure to cover every inch. Use brush strokes the same direction, as when it dries it will have a very smooth look.

Watch the scrapbooking blog for the continuation of this article: Gift Idea: Deck of Cards Album – Pulling It All Together coming tomorrow. For other creative ideas for gift giving visit the frugal living blog or look for other ideas in the scrapbooking blog.