Gift of the Month Club

Here is another great frugal idea that makes a lasting impression. It won’t cost much, especially if you are creative. You can adapt this gift to fit your budget. Another way that this gift is very frugal, is that it spreads the cost of a big gift out over the entire year (or six months, if you choose), so you aren’t hit with a big bill. Many ideas that you can include are free or under $10.

To make this gift, you basically gather twelve different envelopes, if you are going to do this for the entire year. Or, choose how ever many envelopes as the months in which you are willing to give.
Inside the envelope, write the name of the gift. You could also use large manilla envelopes and include a small ornament that somehow represents the gift. The person receiving the gift can not open an envelop until the right month, making the anticipation and extra part of the gift.

Here are some ideas to include in your Gift of the Month Club:

Dinner at a fast food restaurant

A visit to the library to pick out three movies to watch

Enjoying a manicure with mom or a friend (for a girl)

Shop for new clothes in August (before school starts)

A trip to the movie theater for a movie of his or her choice (suitable of course)

A gift certificate for a new tool that is under a certain price point (great for Dad)

An iTunes gift card

A morning breakfast out

Two hours at a local park

Admission to a local theater event

A picnic in the park with family or friends

A gift certificate for a Build-A-Bear

A day out at the yard sales with a $10 bill (or more)

A trip to a used book store with a $10 bill (or more)

A homemade desert of his or her choice.

What ideas can you think of for a Gift of the Month Club?

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