Gifts for a Military Wife who’s Spouse is Deployed

Every year I hear the same question, “What can I get a military wife, who’s husband is deployed?” This year, I decided maybe I could make a list and hope for the best. With the holiday season on us, many are trying to find that perfect gift to give each other. The deployed spouse is normally always covered, however not always is the wife of the deployed spouse.

Here is a list of 5 simple things you can actually do or get for her, without having to spend that much money. Remember, giving a gift always makes someone feel special. Why not let her feel a little warmth this holiday season?

Offer to Baby-sit- That’s right, she probably hasn’t had any time alone since her spouse deployed. If she has, she either works or has her kids in school. Offer to watch her kids for her for a couple of hours so she can do some shopping, sleep, hang out with friends or whatever she needs to do…just as long as she has a bit of “ME” time.

Hire a Maid for a Day- No, I’m not meaning hire yourself a maid. While I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, I think she will too. She spends day and night trying to be two parents at once, cleaning, feeding the kids, doing their homework, dishing out punishment, wiping tears away, etc. Why not let someone do something for her for a change?

Send her a Gift Basket- She’s probably sent one to two boxes a month to her deployed spouse and that‘s not counting all the boxes that others send to him. How many times do you think she gets a box sent to her? During a deployment season, many times the spouse that doesn’t get deployed is forgotten about, while everyone else is sending her husband gift baskets and care packages galore. No, she won’t say anything but I bet it would put a smile on her face to get just about anything in the mail, except a bill. How did you feel the last time you got a letter or card in the mail? I’m guessing it probably made you smile and why not it made you feel good that someone cared enough to send something. Put that smile on her face. Deployments are hard enough, especially during the holiday season.

Send her a card or a package of some sort. You can order a gift basket online or make one yourself. It doesn’t take much, a few simple things and you’ve got yourself a care package. To her it’ll mean a lot that you took the time to send her anything.

Give a GC- Everyone loves gift certificates, especially when it’s to their favorite place. Find out what places she frequents and get a gift certificate for there. This is one gift she’ll definitely use.

Get her a Book on being a military wife- There are a ton of books out there with military essays all about being a military wife. Find one, wrap it up and hand it to her.

All of these gifts will put a smile back on her face this holiday season and you’ll feel better knowing you put it there. It doesn’t take much, but what you do will be remembered forever.

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