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Are you getting ready to celebrate an anniversary? Looking for something special for your husband’s birthday or another special event where you get a chance to give your husband a gift? Some families like to celebrate Christmas in July (yes, Christmas though we’ve still got a few months before we’ll be celebrating that) – choosing a gift for your husband for such occasions can be difficult. Few men like receiving flowers – though truthfully for several years on our anniversary and his birthday, I sent my husband flowers and something else to his office.

His co-workers always thought it was great that he got such neat gifts and I included things like a teddy bear (my poor replacement) as well as chocolates. I think I mentioned here once the year I sent him chocolate covered strawberries laid out in a dozen roses format – those were so popular, I got emails from his co-workers asking me where I got them. Still, flowers were just part of the gift – here are a few other ideas you can use or in place of flowers.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are popular ideas for everything from housewarming to graduation to starting school to birthday presents. What you do is you identify an idea or ideas that are popular for your husband and you make a basket or chest out of the idea. Is he a sports nut? Try putting together a basket filled with baseball, football or soccer items (the sports of his choice), you can include how to books, demonstration DVDs, highlighted sports moments and even tickets if you can lay hands on them. If he enjoys being a handyman in his spare time, you can get him a nice tool chest and pack it with new tools, how to books and even blueprints for projects he may want to try his hand at – there are also lots of classes available at places like Home Depot and Lowe’s that you might consider signing him up for.

The above is true for everything from photography to art to gardening and more. You can find classes for many of these at local stores and college campuses. One of my husband’s favorite pastimes is cooking – he’s actually very good and he enjoys experimenting with different recipes – a great gift for him would be a chef class either on a campus or through one of those high restaurants or chef schools. For Father’s Day recently, I gave him a grilling basket so he could make fish on his grill – he loves it and we’ve already had three or four really tasty meals from it!

Things Remembered

There’s a store in the mall here called Things Remembered, it offers a wide variety of items that we can engrave. Over the years we’ve gotten mugs with names and sayings engraved, we’ve also gotten jewelry boxes and other items. A fun one is the trophy we had made that said “World Class Thinker” and our daughter’s favorite gift to him “Waterpark Wonder” – she wants to get him another one that will encourage another visit to Disney World – Disney Wonderful Dad – but hey – she’s got the right idea!

Pocket Dragons

Another fun item is a collectible that I’ve given him a few of over the years. Pocket Dragons come in all shapes and sizes and are usually doing something descriptive – Scooter for example is riding a scooter and then there is Just Fix It who is wielding a large screwdriver and Panic – he’s sitting on a panic button. My husband has a small collection that has a prominent space on his desk as we’ve given him ones that remind us of him over the years for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries.

Pocket dragons have a very special meaning for our anniversary – when he proposed to me several years ago – he proposed with three Pocket Dragons in hand: The Bride, the Groom and Oh Happy Day.

What are some gift ideas that you have given to your husband?

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