Gifts for Homeschooling Families

Gift List for Homeschooling Families:

Zoo Memberships: A local zoo membership is a fantastic idea for a homeschooling family. It will offer the family a year’s worth of field trips and learning. It is also a gift that will cover the entire family so that will simplify your list for the homeschooling family in your life. Check online for your local zoo and pricing as it ranges from $60 to $100.

Museum Memberships: Do you live in or near a city that has a children’s or art museum? Most will offer memberships with perks and discounts at their gift shop. Look for specials this time of year. Like the zoo membership it will provide a year’s worth of enjoyment and educational opportunities. Since it is for the whole family you simply buy one membership and you are done.

Gift Subscriptions: Many companies offer subscription services that would benefit a homeschooling family. Educational magazines, Kiwi Crate, Little Passports, and Little Scientist’s Club, and more! The homeschooling family in your life will be thrilled month after month and think of you as they get their package in the mail.

Gift Cards: If you are unsure what to get but want to support the homeschooling endeavor then purchase gift cards to places homeschoolers purchase items. Some of the best places would be, Barnes & Noble,, Rainbow Resources, or a local educational or craft store.

Gas Cards: The homeschooler in your life will be pleased with gas cards to aid in field trips. Homeschoolers are rarely home and always on a budget so providing a gas card will provide the road to freedom homeschoolers enjoy. You can add a little note like “Have Fun on Your Adventures This Year!”

For Homeschool Parents ONLY: A wonderful gift for homeschool parents is time to be a couple. If you want to give a gift to the homeschool parents make it personal like a gift card for a favorite restaurant or movie passes.

Homeschool Mom: Want to spoil your favorite homeschool mom? Why not give her a spa gift card, subscription to eMealz, or pay for a cleaning service for a day?