Give Yourself a Promotion

I was chatting with a friend recently and he was asking about the differences between working at a home business and working a more traditional job. He said he needed the structure and the external validation of a traditional job “working for the man”—not to mention the regular paycheck. One thing he said made me chuckle, however—he said, “And you never get a promotion!” It got me to thinking, why in the world not? As a matter of fact, without a boss or board to make the decision, I can give myself a promotion anytime I want!

I am all about finding little ways to keep myself motivated in my work-from-home business. It can get fairly tedious and hard to gauge exactly where I am at or how I am doing in my work. There is a lot of self-motivation that needs to happen for a person to stay focused on a home business. Changing my “title” and giving myself a pep-talk and promotion can be a fun way of basking in the autonomy of my business.

A friend and work mentor of mine once told me about a job he had where all the employees gave themselves new titles and “promotions” every six months or so. They made up their own titles or brainstormed with each other to come up with great ones. Of course, it was a more creative type of job—but why not do the same thing in your home business. Maybe it is time you became “president” or “chief executive officer”. Maybe you would rather be “chief financial officer” or “vice president of development and marketing.” New business cards and a “promotion” might inject you with a little of that independent spirit that probably prompted you to start your own business anyway. AND, it gives you something new to add to your resume’ or C.V.!

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