Giving the Gift of Your Creation

It’s extremely hard to stay frugal during the holiday season, but being a scrapbooker can help in that sense. Actually being creative at all can help you stay frugal quite a bit. Gifts are expensive, and time consuming when you are out scouring the stores for the perfect item.

Every year at this time I start to stress about the perfect gift for everyone. And each year, after I come down off the stress and anxiety of money issues and gift giving, I realize that my own two hands can give a far better gift than anything I’ve picked out at the store.

Don’t assume that the only way to give a good gift is to buy the person some expensive item that may or not be used time and time again.
Instead, think of creative gifts that you can make, or give.

The gift of time, such as offering free babysitting, a night on the town, yard work, etc. is often a much loved gift, however many don’t like giving that type of gift. And that is ok.

So we think beyond those ideas and focus on creating our own gifts. In the frugal living blog this month will be dozens of articles detailing inexpensive gift ideas including themed gift baskets and more.

But what if you want to literally use your own two hands to create the gift? Run, not walk to your scrapbook room, put your thinking cap on, and let the creativity flow! You can create everything from stationary, to scrapbook pages, to beautiful altered art items.

You can customize each item to fit the personality of the recipient. If the person like to cook, create something exclusively following a cooking theme. If the person is a hunter or a fisherman, try creating an altered art piece for them using that theme.

You are limited only by your own imagination. So see beyond the basic gifts, and turn your passion for scrapbooking and your love for creativity into the perfect gift for everyone on your list!

Have fun and watch the scrapbooking blog and frugal living blog for more creative gift ideas for a fraction of what you’ll spend at the store!!

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