Gluten-Free Food Review : Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Pasta (Rotini)

lundbergs pasta Trying a new food is always an interesting experience. It can be a little intimidating to willingly eat a food that isn’t quite the same as what you are used to. Try to look at it as a gluten-free food adventure! Here is my review of Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Pasta Rotini.

Before I discovered that I had a gluten-allergy, pasta was definitely a staple food in my home. My husband used to make our own version of macaroni and cheese almost every week. The recipe was simple.

Start with some pasta. Sometimes he would use rotini or penne pasta, but most of the time were were putting whole wheat spaghetti into this dish. Add whatever kind of cheese you like best, some butter, and maybe a little pepper. In a short amount of time, you have a more “grown-up” version of a childhood favorite. Hopefully, you won’t “miss” the cheese powder, and its color that is not found in nature, which usually accompanies macaroni and cheese.

Now that I have realized that I need to avoid foods that have gluten in them, like pasta, for example, it seemed as though dinner time was about to change, forever. Fortunately, I found a box of gluten-free pasta at the grocery store. If it tasted good, then dinner was saved!

The pasta I am talking about is Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Pasta. This particular box had rotini shaped pasta in it. The box says that this pasta is gluten-free, that it is USDA certified Organic, vegan, and that it is “whole grain”. It also says that there are 4g of fiber with every serving. There are 10 oz of pasta inside the box. It has five servings in this one box of pasta.

The ingredients include: Organic brown rice flour. That is all.

The first thing we noticed was that the pasta gives off a very flavorful rice scent as it is being boiled. This isn’t a bad thing, but it can take you by surprise if you were expecting your pasta to smell like wheat, (like it normally does).

The pasta becomes as tender as you would expect “normal” pasta to be after it is done cooking. The cheese my husband added to it mixed in well. Overall, there is a slight rice taste to this pasta, but it is not overpowering. My husband said that if I handed him a plate of this pasta, and didn’t tell him it was gluten-free, he would never have guessed it. Both of us want to have this pasta again sometime.

Image by Queenofhaiku on Flickr