God’s Warnings

Sometimes as we read the bible or as we hear about people and the choices they make, we can be wonder. Often times it happens that God has given strict instructions about something and the person has ignored it. Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden is one example that had serious consequences. Solomon was another. How can they be so stupid to ignore God’s warnings like that?

I thought that this week, when I was reading about Samson in Judges 15, 16. God had provided for and given victory to Samson when the Philistines sought to do him harm but Samson’s fondness for women and penchant for ignoring Gods commands and warnings was his downfall.

Even in the incident with Delilah how gullible and stupid was he, when she’d repeatedly tricked him and shown she couldn’t be trusted? Yet he kept making the same mistake again and again. He never learnt from them and ended up telling her the secret of his strength. God must have despaired at the way his warnings were ignored, I thought.

Later that same day I realized I was no different. I realized God had been trying to tell me something by the signs he gave me but I was so intent on doing what I wanted that I went blithely ahead ignoring God’s warnings. The result was, since I was so determined, God let me go ahead and do what I wanted. But it did not turn out at all as I expected or hoped. I ended up hurt, angry, feeling like a fool and wishing I had listened to what God was trying so hard to tell me.

So often that’s what happens when we are so focused on doing what we want and our own agenda, we forget to listen to God. We rush into the day without running our plans by God to see if they are what we should be doing. We could save ourselves a lot of heartache ifw e listened and didn’t rush blindly and without prayer into things.

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