Going to College When You Are In the Army

Continuing with my theme of Military.com, I will start down the left side with the first button called “Education.” This is not the training provided by the military, but rather college education.

Getting a college education is difficult for soldiers. Because you move around the world every few years or leave for a deployment, finishing college can be difficult at best. For some, they feel it is impossible and give up. Military.com has the Education link to help you search for schools that will help you finish your degree, or just get some training.

One thing you may face as you search for your school is finding a college that will accept previous credits. The Education search lists schools that are military friendly, accept military training as college credit, and schools that accept exams for class credit. One such college is Excelsior College in New York. Excelsior is fully accredited. They allow you to get your entire degree by College Level Testing through CLEP and DANTES. They also accept your military training. Most colleges only allow you to test up to 30 credit hours.

So sit down at your computer and start searching. The next situation you will face will be paying for it. You may have GI Bill benefits to use for your education or you may need to apply for financial aid. Check with the office that handles education on your base, if you have one. You can also obtain more information from the College or University you plan on attending.

While it may take several years to finish, a college degree opens doors that are not open to those without one. If you leave the military after 20 years, a degree is especially beneficial once you look for a job in the civilian sector. Good luck in your search.