Good Behavior or Academics- Which is More Important?

Each year teachers encounter very different groups of children. Although the students may be in the same grade and the same age as the previous group, they all behave and work very differently.

It is odd how a class of children usually takes on a common personality. Some groups are quiet and reserve while others are loud and rambunctious. Some groups tend to be low academically while others excel and go beyond grade level.

I have years when my class is very well behaved and I can carry out many special projects. I also have years when my group is rowdy and fewer activities can be completed. There are groups that I carry farther academically and groups that lag behind.

So which is more important, behavior or academics? Are academically low, well behaved groups better or academically high, rowdy groups? Of course, a high, well behaved group would be ideal. However, they are far and few between. Therefore, I would have to say that behavior is a very important key to having a successful group of students.

When a class listens and is well behaved, a good learning environment is created. All students can work together and learn better when peace and harmony exists. A loud and unruly class often misses out on key information. They may be academically higher at the beginning of the year but they often do not gain as much as a group that is attentive and hard working.

I come across many students that excel academically. However, they stay in trouble. Many argue that the student is in trouble because he/she is bored. While sometimes this is the case, it is not always.

So while it is important to teach your preschool children all of the academic necessities for school, it is also important to focus on listening skills, manners, and attention spans. If a child possesses these, the learning will follow.

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