Goodwill Bargain Bin Store

If you haven’t heard of this thrift store within a thrift store, I would suggest that you do some research and check one out. Here is information about Goodwill Bargain Bin Stores, what to look for and how to shop them. Do it right, and you can save a ton!

Last weekend, my family and I spent a couple of hours shopping at thrift stores. The first one that we visited was a Goodwill Bargain Bin Stores. These stores are very different from the regular Goodwill thrift stores.

What I Scored

Although prices were raised slightly from my last visit, I still got amazing deals. For example, I picked up three heavy winter coats for the kids, pants and button down shirts for my husband to wear at work, PJs, pants, shirts, sweaters, hats and a scarf for the kids, a shirt for me and like new winter snow boots and a dress for my daughter. I also picked up a couple of packages of school supplies for less than sale prices.

The prices at that store were $.85 for most clothing, $1 for boots or shoes and $2 for coats and jackets.
In addition, they also offer, books, videos, toys and household goods, although we weren’t in need of any on this trip.

What It Is Like

I mentioned that this store is different. That because everything is thrown together in bins. You have to hunt through the bins to find the items that you want. Most are in decent shape, but this will vary by store, so take a look at the tips below.

You’ll want to allow time to check through the bins. Don’t expect to get through the whole store. I try to scan the bins for what I need. For example, if a bin appears to have a lot of children’s clothing, I’ll start there.

What To Keep in Mind

These bargain bin stores can vary and mostly reflect the area where they are located. Although I love cities (I was born and raised in one), stores located here tend to have the least favorable merchandise. From what others have told me, some of these stores can be dirty as well. Some recommend bringing gloves, but I probably wouldn’t even shop in a place like that myself.

The store I visit is in Lancaster, Pa, a rural farm area that is also known for its tourist trade. I’ve never found stains or smelly items here. It is clean and brightly lit.

At the bargain bin store, merchandise cannot be returned, so check it over a second time before you check out.

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