Gorton’s “Any Way You Want It” Sweepstakes

Gorton's It is important to eat healthy food. One of the healthier types of foods that you can eat is seafood. Gorton’s wants to help you to get seafood on your plate twice a week. Enter their “Any Way You Want It” sweepstakes, and you could win a $5,000 gift card to spend in whatever way you want to.

I have to admit, I was a bit confused at first about how this sweepstakes from Gorton’s actually worked. On the side of the page that talks about their “Any Way You Want It” Sweepstakes there is an image of the brand new “My Plate” concept. The page also has links to seafood recipes, a calendar, and lots and lots of photos of seafood. How does all of this fit together?

The “My Plate” thing is the updated version of what used to be called “The Food Pyramid”. It is a visual reference that a person can use in order to understand how to make healthy eating choices.

Half of the plate is supposed to hold fruits and vegetables (with an emphasis on vegetables). The other half is designed to hold grains and proteins, (with a slightly larger portion of grains). Off to the side, in its own little bowl, sits the dairy foods, in exile.

Seafood, of course, would count as “protein”. It seems to me that this sweepstakes is designed to get people into the habit of eating seafood, (like the kind sold by Gorton’s), at least twice a week.

In order to enter the sweepstakes, you need to fill out the form that appears on the website. It wants your first and last name, your address, city, state, zip code, and email address. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter the contest. That seems simple enough.

Next, you must tell Gorton’s what you would like your two meal selections to consist of. For each one, you must use the drop down box to choose a seafood product that is made by Gorton’s. You can use your imagination or personal preference to decide what kind of dairy, grain, fruit, and vegetable you want the meal to include.

If you need help making those decisions, you can sort through the recipes that are linked on this page. Now I understand what all those recipes, and photos of food, were for! You must enter the sweepstakes before December 2, 2011.

If you don’t want to fill out everything on the Gorton’s website, you can do it through their Facebook page instead. As usual, you would have to click the “like” button before you can get started.

There will be a total of 800 people who will be chosen as Second Place winners. These people will each receive one set of Gorton’s Seafood Branded Dinner Plates. There will be two people who are First Place Winners. They will each receive a Visa Gift Card for $500.00. There will be only one Grand Prize Winner, and that person will get a Visa Gift Card worth $5,000.00.

You can spend the Gift Cards on anything that you would like to. My guess is that Gorton’s hopes that you will decide to spend at least some of it on some of their products. Whether you will choose to do that or not depends on how big a seafood lover you happen to be.

Image by dbking on Flickr