Gosselin Kids Get Expelled

Your kids just got the boot from their pricey private school. What’s a parent to do?

If you’re reality TV mom Kate Gosselin, you call in a spin doctor and try to pretend like nothing is wrong.

At least according to the New York Post.

The paper, along with tabloid king, In Touch, are reporting that two of the Gosselin sextuplets recently got expelled from their super expensive Pennsylvania private school and are now being homeschooled.

In Touch broke the story claiming that 6-year-old sextuplets Collin and Alexis are no longer attending school with the rest of their brothers and sisters because they have “rage issues.”

“They’ve fought with their peers, called them nasty names and made fun of other kids,” a source close to the family told In Touch magazine. “The things they are saying are not words they should know. They are learning them somewhere — but Jon [Gosselin, their dad] doesn’t know where.”

No word on where mom Kate thinks her kids’ anger problems stem from.

Kate Gosselin not making a public comment? Shocker, right?

For once in her life the mom of eight is keeping her comments out of the public forum despite being targeted as the source of her kids’ “rage issues.”

According to The Post, all eight Gosselin children are having “issues” linked to filming on the new reality series, “Kate Plus 8.” A source told the paper that prior to Alexis and Collin getting the boot from school another one of the sextuplet girls had been suspended from school for two weeks after hitting a classmate.

TLC had no comment, but a source close to the network told The Post that Kate’s “number one concern is protecting her children and is keeping this personal situation as a private matter that she works out with her kids.”

Funny how that works; stick your kids on TV for six years, have all of their personal ups and downs recorded for millions of strangers to view, become tabloid fodder during a very nasty and a highly publicized divorce, and then try to shield them when the going gets tough.

Isn’t it a bit late to backpedal?

Here’s hoping the sad situation is a blessing in disguise and it forces Kate and Jon to keep their mouths shut and their kids out of the spotlight—-forever.

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