Government Jobs: Truth and Fiction

When most people think of working for the government in some capacity, they imagine a nice, cushy job. They assume the salary is competitive along with the benefits package, they believe opportunity for advancement will be excellent, and they know they’ll get national holidays off with pay. What’s not to like?

Well, con artists also know these things, and they know that people want government jobs, and they take full advantage of the fact. You have likely seen classified ads offering to help you get a job with the United States Post Office or other government agencies. You sign up, pay a fee, and they promise to help you get a better shot at being hired.

The truth is that being hired for a government position can be a rigorous process, however, the schemes that make so many promises will not make your chances of being hired any greater. All the information you need to get a government job is free. No government agency requires a fee for information.

You will have to meet all the eligibility requirements, and there may be testing involved, but you can find information on the content of the exams, and where and when they will be given, free on government websites (or they will provide links to other legitimate, official sources).

Don’t get taken in by scams in your enthusiasm to find a government job. These people aren’t trying to help you; they just want to make a buck. There are no secret tricks to securing employment with the U.S. Government. Everything you need to know can be obtained at no cost to you.

Be especially careful of organizations that have official sounding names. They might have United States or American or even Postal Service or other agency names in their titles. Look for websites that end in .gov instead of .com, and follow the links from official sites.

It’s not impossible to find a government job, but it is a process. The following is a good place to start, to find more information:

Job Scams

*You can also file a complaint at the above link, if you have been scammed or are aware of such a scam.

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