Grandfather’s Eyes

As I looked up into the doorway, my heart stopped. I looked back towards the car for a moment to catch my breath and catch the eye of my husband, whom I knew had to see what I saw.

Standing before me was a man, who there was no doubt was related to me. None.

The eyes, the face, oh my gosh! Those eyes.

My grandfather’s EYES!

They were so blue… and so gorgeous and I wanted to cry, but instead, I just stood there – having no idea what to say, trying to hear Terrie talk, but being so caught up in my mind, I knew I couldn’t hear a thing.

I know she told him we were looking for his daughter Robin… she was an old friend from school … I heard someone says “haven’t seen her since she was 25 and left home”.

I swallowed… I dared to look back into his eyes. I did, he looked at me. I looked away. I couldn’t disguise how much I was moved, but thankfully he did not pick up on it … or if he did, he did not mention it. He continued…

He was sorry he couldn’t help us find her. He had not seen her for so long. She had children and moved away to Pennsylvania. He tried to find her but she didn’t want to be found.

Red flags went up inside my head. Why?!? Why wouldn’t she want to be found.

He answered the questions in my head… He wasn’t a good father… He did bad things… He was sorry for them … She ran away… He couldn’t find her… He misses her and knows he did wrong…. and on and on he talks.

Terrie was taking some notes at that point, I was not paying attention at all. I was TOTALLY hypnotized by those cerulean blue eyes. And then I realized everyone had stopped talking and Terrie was looking at me.

I realize that it was time… it was now or never.

I looked at her, she nodded to let me know it was time. I turned back towards my Grandfather and the dam broke, or the floodgate opened.

I was sobbing uncontrollably “I….I’m your grand-daughter”.

The look that flashed in his face was unmistakable… recognition… of course… the girl that stood before him looks like his daughter…

And so we began the question and answer period. I asked him questions, he answered. He asked me questions, I answered.

And it wass determined VERY quickly that we were indeed related, and he was indeed my Grandfather, and I was in fact staring at my OWN eyes!

We left shortly after that with a hug and a promise to return the next day. He said he would go through his things and find pictures, letters, address’, anything he could find to help.

But only one words stuck out in my head. Pictures. He was going to find a picture of my biological mother. A woman I had been dreaming about since before I could remember. A woman who I needed desperately to see, to touch, to find. I had to know. I had to know how she felt. I had to understand.

And I was going to see a picture….

To be Continued…
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