Great Birthday Gifts for Homeschoolers


Does a child that you know have a birthday coming up? Children may want many things, but often experiences are better than things! What can you give a homeschooler, or any child who’s curious and loves to get out and explore (and isn’t that all of them?)

How about a day of your time or your child’s time, or time with a favorite person in their life? Offer to get tickets for your child and a friend to go to a special event that’s coming up.

A museum pass to a museum that you love is always a good choice. Annual passes to museums tend to be quite inexpensive compared to the cost of a single pass, especially if the place is a tourist attraction. It’s a good incentive to get to that museum more often!

Recreation center passes are also a wonderful thing. Recently, we gave a friend’s daughter a book of 10 passes for skating. She loves skating, and this gives her something to look forward to for months!

How about a course in a new skill? For my birthday this year, I’ll be asking for a course on blacksmithing. Yes, I’ve always wanted to slam hot metal with a hammer. Don’t ask. If your child wants to learn something that’s a bit out of your normal price range, do it as a birthday gift!
Instead of a course, you could also arrange time with a special mentor. Is there a person who has outstanding skills in a particular area who would love to spend time teaching your child?

Of course, after that, you’ll need supplies for that hobby. Whether they’re paintbrushes or blacksmithing tools, tools for hobbies can be expensive. This is one thing that you know will get used! I love travelling, and it’s very educational.

How about a trip as a gift? A family I know gave their daughter an overnight trip so that they could visit and donate to a local horse rescue. Where could you go?

What creative gifts have you given your children?

Image Credit: [jprole]