Great Careers: Locksmith to Pharmacist

This is the blog to watch if you’re looking to change careers or are just starting to consider what your career options will be. The best careers are chosen based a variety of factors including prestige, pay, and job security.


This to me was very surprising but as we’ve noted before, one key to job satisfaction is your ability to use your skills to help people, especially when they’re in crisis. Today’s locksmiths not only can make you feel safer after a break in, or come to your rescue the day you leave your keys in the car, they also work with high tech security systems. You definitely have to be a little techie to be a locksmith in today’s world and you have to like fiddling with gadgets. Median pay for this job is $44,000.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy can be an incredibly rewarding career as you are spending your time helping those with injuries or disabilities learn how to be as self sufficient as is humanly possible. The median salary for this career is $63,900.


This is what my children lovingly refer to as the eyeball doctor. However, an optometrist has several distinct advantages over an ophthalmologist in that he can do many of the same functions but the training is several years less. Also, there will always be a demand for an optometrist wherever you go. The median salary for this career is $99,700.


This is a great job because there are so many possibilities and directions in which to go. Another health care career without the gory blood, there are jobs to be found not only at the local drug store but you could also participate in developing new drugs or branch out into the brand new field of pharmacogenomics–developing drugs that interact beneficially with a person’s particular genome. Pharmacists also spend a lot of time working with patients teaching diabetics how to give injections or helping high blood pressure patients manage their blood pressure. You must have an eye for detail though–one very important aspect of this job is making sure all of a patient’s drugs won’t interact dangerously. The median salary for this job is $99,100.

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