Great Deals for Coffee Lovers

Folgers Not everyone is a morning person. There are many of us who require a good, strong, dose of caffeine in order to get moving. Now is the perfect time for a hot cup of coffee. If you didn’t manage to get up early enough to brew a fresh pot of coffee, you might still have time to heat up a quick cup of instant coffee. There are some great deals on coffee right now, to help you restock when you run out.

I am not what one would call a “morning person”. If I am awake before six in the morning, it is because I didn’t go to bed the night before. One of the very first things I do when I wake up is to find the nearest source of caffeine. Even when I worked early morning shifts, I still never completely adjusted to having to be awake and aware before noon. I believe that most shift workers are aware of the power of coffee, and highly appreciate it.

Eventually, you are going to run out of coffee, and need to pick up more. Fortunately, there are a lot of coupons that can get you a great deal on your favorite brand of instant coffee. It is always nice to be able to save a little money while getting something you really enjoy.

NesCafe Taster’s Choice has two coupons that you can print out from their website. One is a Buy One Get One Free coupon, for Nescafe Taster’s Choice single serve packets. The other coupon will save you $0.65 on any Nescafe Taster’s Choice product. Like many other websites, you will need to sign up with them before you can print the coupons. It shouldn’t take long. It looks as though if you sign up, you can get a free sample of Nescafe Taster’s Choice, too.

Starbucks has a slightly complex offer that can get you some free coffee, if you follow all the steps. First, buy a package of Starbucks VIA Ready Brew from your grocery store, (not from the Starbucks itself). Fill in the form that is on the Starbucks website, and then print it out.

Now, take the form, and find the original UPC from the box of VIA that you bought. Mail both of those things to the address listed on the website this offer is described on. Do it before August 31, 2011, and Starbucks will mail you one free 12oz bag of Starbucks House Blend ground coffee. You have to give them a home address, because they won’t send the free coffee to a P.O. Box.

Folgers has a slightly different, but interesting, free offer. It’s not actually for coffee, though. Need a new ringtone on your cell phone? You can download any of the ten different free ringtones that you happen to like.

The ringtones are different versions of the Folgers Jingle. One of them is sung by Johnny Cash, and I highly recommend giving that one a listen. Other famous names who have preformed the Folgers Jingle in their own style include Aaron Neville, Rascal Flatts, and Michael McDonald, just to name a few.

Image by Scott Wilcoxson on Flickr