Great Frugal Uses for Tennis Balls

Most families have tennis balls somewhere around the home. And if they don’t, consider this. Tennis balls are seriously inexpensive, and make great toys for kids and pets alike. But in addition to pets and children, tennis balls are useful for many different purposes around the home too.

For Pets

One of my favorite uses for tennis balls is for dogs to chase and cats to bat around the house. They are a cheap toy that can provide hours of entertainment for your pets.

For Humans

Children can use them to play catch, or any other game that requires a small ball. In addition, adults can use them in other ways beyond tennis. For a great exercise alternative, try holding a tennis ball in your hand and gently squeezing it. They are great hand exercisers and they help work your fingers and your wrist.

Cut Them In Half

Take a tennis ball and cut it in half. These halves make great jar openers for sticky bottles and jars. Just place on top of a hard to open lid, grip, squeeze and turn. It helps tremendously. Also, when changing a hot light bulb, a tennis ball half helps grip the hot light bulb, making changing it, much easier!

For Laundry

You can pop a tennis ball in the dry when you are drying a comforter or down filled item to help it retain it’s normal shape.

For Massage

Another of my favorite uses for the tennis ball is as a massage helper. First, you can run your sore and tired feet over a tennis ball. Just sit in a chair, place the ball under your feet, and allow to roll back and forth. Feels great! Same works for back massages, leg massages and more.

Do you have any more fun and useful ways to use a tennis ball? I’d love to hear about them!

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