Great Gift Idea for Your Teen

I have a GREAT gift idea for your teen…earphones, but not just any kind of earphones. I am very impressed with a pair that I received free-of-charge. I was asked to provide a review on dB Logic earphones which are priced at $34.95.

Let me tell you that they are worth the cost. In fact, I was so impressed with them that I plan on purchasing a couple of more for my other children. The biggest reason I like these earphones is because they actually protect your hearing while you listen.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have had to ask one of my teens to turn their music down. And I’m not talking about music blasting from their bedrooms. I am talking about music blasting from their earphones.

I am constantly getting after my teens for playing their music too loud. It is hard for them to understand how damaging it can be to their hearing. So when I received this pair and read about how they protect your hearing, I knew which teen needed to try them first.

So for the past week my oldest son has been trying them out. He did mention that despite how loud he turned up his iPod, the volume would only reach a certain level…no vibrating eardrums for him.

But he also really enjoyed the comfort of them. The other earphones I usually buy my teens cost about $10. But you get what you pay for. They are the quality of $10 as well, providing little comfort.

These earphones come in a variety of colors including silver, orange, blue, green, red and pink. In addition, they come with small, medium and large ear tips, so you can choose the right fit. A better fit provides better sound quality.

These aren’t only great for your teen; they are great for anyone who enjoys listening to music. I plan on also getting a pair for myself as I use my iPod when I am walking on the treadmill.

This is a great stocking stuffer but if you plan on investing in an iPod this year, I would include these earphones.

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