Great Ideas to Get Organized and Enjoy Your Hobby

Scrapbooking is most definitely my passion. But, photography plays an even bigger roll in my hobby and passion. If it wasn’t for the great photographs that commemorate all the special family times, I wouldn’t be able to scrapbook.

However, sometimes I get a cluttered feeling, which we often call “Scrappers Block”. This is when the creativity is less than flowing and you just seem stuck and unable to come up with ideas.

When this strikes, I always recommend organizing your supplies. It’s two fold really. Sometimes looking at all those supplies can get your juices flowing again and result in some excellent scrapbook page layouts. In addition, you will now know where everything is and exactly what you have.

The key to scrapbooking is getting organized, not only the supplies, but your time, creativity and everything else that goes along with this hobby.

Here are a handful of ways to get yourself organized to find pleasure in scrapbooking again.

Do not stockpile film. When you’ve finished a roll, or several rolls, get them to the developer as quickly as possible. This eliminates the clutter and you’ll get fresh, fun photographs back with new memories to scrapbook.

The same essentially goes for digital photos. I have folders full on my computer and have just recently begun really using the different digital photography places offered online. With so many places offering free prints you cannot beat the deal!

Be sure that your photo storage is acid-free and safe from heat and humidity. I use plastic storage containers and sort by year. You can also sort by event, month or holiday.

More ideas to come soon! Please watch the scrapbooking blog for great ideas and tips from scrapbookers just like you!