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Photographing children can be a daunting task at times. With a little patience and flexibility though, you can end a photo session with some amazing photos! The first thing you should consider when taking a child’s photo is location. Are they were they feel comfortable? Are they in a fun place? Now fun on your standards could be completely different from theirs, so knowing the child well will help you in your task. A great place to take children is to a big, open park. Outside shots can add a lot to the photo and create great lighting. Kids love to be outside and free to run and play. Of course, this will require some energy on your part as well! Zoom lenses are a blessing when it comes to children.

Get down on the child’s eye level. This is a great way to get a good close up of their face! It will also get you down to their level and give you an idea of what they are seeing. It’s also a great way to capture their expressions. If they are amazed by something, chances are you’ll miss their expression if you are shooting from above. Natural expressions are so much more desirable than posed ones.

Get close!! Fill the frame with their precious faces. Get shots of their hands and feet. Get creative with your shots!

I’m sure you have all heard the phrase, “They grow up so fast.” Well, isn’t that the truth. I’m still amazed that I have a 7 year old! Looking back on old photos does a lot to me. Mainly, it brings back a rush of memories. It also brings me a tad bit of sadness about how fast time flies. This brings me to my next point; you can never have too many photos. Try to do a yearly picture with your child. This is a really neat way to watch them grow over the years. You don’t have to do this in a formal fashion either. Just pull your camera out as often as possible and click, click, click! With digital, it’s so easy to take a million pictures and decide later which ones to keep.

The best way to photograph children is to have fun. If you are frustrated or stressing out about that one picture you just can’t seem to get, they’ll sense that and it’ll all be lost. Have fun. Who cares if you don’t get your shot. Chances are, you’ll have a few other ones to choose from. Just relax and enjoy the time you get to spend with them. After all, they’ll only be this young once!

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