Great Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat (Or Dog)

Did you know that of all the homeless cats out there in the world, black cats are the least likely to get adopted? If you are thinking of adding a kitty to the family, here are some reasons to pick out a black cat!

  1. Black cats arrive ready for Halloween season — you don’t need to buy them a costume!
  2. You can always find your black cat in the snow. Or in the green grass of the yard. Or on your floral bedspread.
  3. A black cat is a great accessory to any outfit.
  4. Black is very slimming — holding your cat will make you look extra-slender.
  5. A black cat will match any décor. You won’t have to redecorate your house to coordinate with your cat.
  6. Save time on date night — you won’t need the lint brush on your little black dress if you have a black cat.
  7. Luck, schmuck! Owning a black cat makes you immune to bad luck.
  8. Think of your black cat like he or she is an onyx — a rare, glossy, beautiful precious stone. Just don’t wear your cat as a ring and try to show off your rare, fuzzy “bling” to your friends.
  9. Love knows no color! Black, white, brown, calico, tabby… your cat is going to love you just the same.
  10. Your cat doesn’t care what color YOUR hair is!

Believe it or not, black dogs share the same difficulties black cats do. Black dogs (and cats) are too often overlooked in favor of lighter colored pets. Why? I’m not quite sure. Maybe it’s the superstition factor. Some people say they can’t see or make a connection with a black dog or cat in a poorly lit kennel. And for folks browsing the internet for pets, black dogs and cats don’t always photograph as well as their lighter colored brethren.

So if you are looking at a new pet for the family… please don’t overlook the black ones!