Great Scrapbooking Storage Solutions (1)

I am an obsessive organizer. In fact, I absolutely love the power and feeling I get, when I complete an organizational project. Sometimes, when I go back and realize how effective the storage solution was, I get giddy. I know, it’s strange. But it can be exhilarating when you can find all your things and not have to go searching. Because that was me, way back when. I am definitely speaking from experience.

It is important for all items to have a home. In other words, everything you own, should have a place to go. This is completely true in your scrapbooking area or room, as well.

Here are some terrific ideas for storage solutions, and while in later articles, I plan to discuss various methods for storing individual items and categories, a scrapbooker should find these items useful to own. You probably have a few of them already, and perhaps they are even collecting dust. Also, keep your eyes peeled for friends and neighbors getting rid of any of these items, or scour around at garage sales and flea markets!

Bakers’ Rack – These are very pretty items, and in addition, serve a greater purpose. You can store idea books and magazines on the shelves. If the baker’s rack has hooks, you can hang tools or other items by metal rings, and if the rack does not have hooks, usually you can add them. Many people have long ago stopped using their bakers racks and this is a great way to reuse the item.

Old Dressers and night stands – Great for storage purposes. Tuck items out of site for storage in dresser drawers. The top can be used to store items in containers, baskets or place some framed pictures for a nice decoration. You can even paint your dresser or nightstand in colors to match your room.

Trunks – These are often found collecting dust in an attic or storing items that could either be donated or thrown away, or better yet, displayed nicely. You can use an old trunk to hide away magazines, idea books or to remove the clutter of numerous plastic storage containers which can be stacked inside.

Please see, Great Scrapbooking Storage Solutions (2) posting tomorrow, for some more valuable items you can use for storing your scrapbooking supplies. More detailed articles for individual items coming very soon!

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