Great Scrapbooking Storage Solutions (2)

Organizing is an obsession for me. It became that way several years ago, when I realized how much stuff I had. Not just scrapbooking supplies, but just stuff in general. I had three households of furniture in one house. I was having trouble parting with certain items, because of their sentimental value. And others I had trouble parting with because I knew how much money I had put into the item.

However, what I finally realized, was that I was costing myself more money, by needlessly storing items I didn’t use, purchasing duplicates of items I already owned (let’s not talk about the three copies of the same idea book I found!), and just generally wasting time looking for things.

Yesterday, I gave you some great ideas for storage units, and supplies, that can be used for your organizational needs. Here are a few more:

Baskets – Like an organizing endeavor, baskets can be a handy solution to corralling scrapbooking supplies. Depending on the size of the basket, there is almost no limit to what you can store. Even magazine holder baskets, can be used to store paper. If you have a lot of baskets lying around, pull them out when you begin to organize, and keep them handy. You never know what will fit in those baskets. Also, handles can be sawed off, or decorated with ribbon, to make them more attractive. Smaller baskets, and baskets with no handles, can be stored inside dresser drawers, cabinets and on shelves.

Pocket Organizers – These typically hang from doors, closets or on walls. You can use the pockets for sticker storage, die cuts, embellishments, even rubber stamps can be placed in the pockets facing out. One lady, who’s scrapbooking room, I envied, had a closet in place. She hung several pocket organizers in the closet, as she would her clothing. They each had different items on them, and they were easy to see, and everything was out of site.

Clear Plastic Containers – These are wonderful storage solutions, because they are clear and easy to see into. This makes finding supplies quick and easy. Clear plastic containers are relatively cheap, can be found almost anywhere and typically stack very neatly. They come in various sizes. I once had a very large long one, that I was able to slip underneath the bed in our guest bedroom, which was the room I was sharing for my scrapbook area. I purchased two more, after I saw how great they were, and nobody every knew the supplies were under there!

Please see, Great Scrapbooking Storage Solutions (1) for other great resources. Also, posting tomorrow, Reusable Scrapbooking Storage Solutions will offer some ideas for things you probably already have in your home. More detailed articles for individual items coming very soon!

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