Green Halloween Costumes

It’s almost Halloween! If you are still looking for costume ideas, why not consider a green costume?

What are some green Halloween costume ideas? Well, you could dress as a recycle bin. Just find a box and cut a hole in the middle of the bottom, one big enough for you to fit into it. Cover it with blue or green paper or paint it. Be sure to include the three arrow recycle triangle. Put the box on (you may need to attach straps to keep it secure) and fill it with empty boxes, cans, and bag.

If you want to take it a step further, make yourself Captain Recycle. Don a green or blue outfit, wrap a green or blue towel around your neck and attach empty bottles, bags, or cans to yourself. If you really want to get in character, paint your face green or blue as well!

You could also go as an urban farm (or a country farm, depending on where you live). Just wear regular clothes, but attach pictures or fake fruit and vegetables to yourself.

If you prefer a global warming themed costume, you can go as the earth. If you have a big blue shirt, you can tuck it in and stuff it to give yourself a more round shape. For the continents, either paint them on the shirt or print some out on paper and attach it. If you don’t have a large blue shirt, try to find two big pieces of cardboard. Cut out a globe shape then paint them blue and add the continents. To wear it, add straps to the top and hang over your head.

Along a similar vein, women can dress as Mother Nature. Wear something green and add flowers and foliage in your hair. You can even add a fake bird to your shoulder.

If you want to go as a compact fluorescent light bulb, wear a white turtleneck with white pants. Blow up about a dozen white balloons, then attach them in a spiral shape around your body.

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