Green Start: Stacking and Nesting Blocks

Preschool learning is filled with hands on fun. If you cannot build it up, knock it down, use it to learn and play then it has no use in the preschool learning zone. One of my favorite preschool products are stacking and nesting blocks. All my kids had a set at one time or another. Each time I purchase a new one intended for a preschooler the older children still desire to play. How often do you get a chance to stack up blocks as high as a preschoolers head? Innovative Kids has a wonderful set of stacking and nesting blocks by Green Start. The packaging and product are earth friendly as they are made from 98% recycled materials. The illustrations are adorable. My girls have not let a day go by where this toy has not been played with.

What are stacking and nesting blocks by Green Start?

A classic developmental toy, now made entirely from Earth-friendly, recycled materials! Ten sturdy boxes to stack, build, and nest feature beautiful illustrations and enriching content for hours of fun and learning. Kids will love stacking the boxes to build a tower with tons to explore from every angle, then nesting them back inside one another.

What can you do with stacking and nesting blocks?

Build them up and knock them down: Kids love to build and destroy and Green Start’s stacking and nesting blocks are durable enough to stand up to this desire.

Scavenger Hunt: Hand your child a block with the number six and instruct her to find six things to put in the box. Or you can hand her the block with the letter A and have her find items that start with “A”. Since each box also pictures and animal you can have your child find a toy that relates to the animal on the box.

Counting Games: Line up the blocks and have your child place the correct number of manipulatives in corresponding box.

Alphabet City: Your child can use the blocks as buildings for toy cars to race around or small toy figures to play around.

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