Grocery Shopping with a Preschooler

Going grocery shopping is one of my least favorite chores. I often think I’d rather hunt my own food then step foot in a grocery store. Of course, that is not true. I have never hunted a day in my life. I am grateful to have the ability to go to the grocery store. However, gratitude does not equal pleasure. I dislike the disappointment of not sticking to my budget again yet not knowing what to put back. I dislike the crowds as it seems the grocery stores around me are always so busy. I dislike how confused I get because I am so ill prepared. Sure, I bring a list but it is never complete and it is always disorganized. You see, the problem with grocery shopping is me not the grocery store. So, you add in a small child and the hour you spend in chaos turns to two hours in bedlam. I try to leave my children at home whenever possible. We all know the drill. The children get bored, ask for everything they see, and tend to fuss. I never give into fussing so the asking for everything is not the issue. It is just how much longer it takes with them and how bored they get. I imagine that is the problem with most children. It is hard to be bored. So, I figure if I can counteract the boredom then perhaps the experience will be more pleasurable for all of us.

2 Ways to make the grocery store tolerable:

Scavenger Hunt: You can send your child on a scavenger hunt by giving her a list of items to look for. You can make it fun by asking her to find a number of items of a certain color or that start with a certain letter.

Little List: Get your child involved. Give her list, using images, of items you need. Allow her to pick out the fruit and vegetables (with help). If the two of you work together, the child will not be as bored and perhaps it won’t take you as long in the store.

Keep in mind; it may take you longer with the kids no matter what you do. Sometimes the things we do to keep them entertained can ironically cause us to take longer. However, with positive attitudes a trip to the grocery store can actually be fun. Okay, not fun but tolerable.