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When a dear friend moved across the country, many of us were very sad yet excited for her new life. She was such a part of our lives that finding a gift that said how much we appreciated her proved impossible. What trinket or knick knack could express how much love we had in our hearts or how thankful we were for all the wonderful memories? We racked our brains until one lady suggested that we make a group scrapbook to present to her at the farewell dinner. We all loved the idea so much that we worked very hard to get it done in time. Our friend was thrilled to receive the gift and cherishes it to this day.
Creating a group scrapbook is a lovely idea for a friend moving away, a co-worker retiring, a friend getting married, a graduation and so many more events of transition in a person’s life. While, we all have heard that too many cooks spoil the soup, there are ways to ensure this endeavor is fun for all and turns out being a true show of love and appreciation for that special someone.

How to organize a group scrapbook gift:

1. You will need someone to spearhead the event.

2. Check around and see what supplies you can gather from fellow scrapbookers before you purchase.

3. Track down old photos and special mementos to add into the scrapbook.

4. Have everyone write down special memories or well wishes for your special person.

5. Have one or two people come up with a general idea of what type of album to use, what colors, themes, etc. On this point, too many opinions may result in the project not getting done or hard feelings.

6. Take a collection from those who plan to participate for the supplies that still need to be purchased. The person taking the collection should be the one spearheading the event and making the final decisions on details.

7. Plan a few evenings for those participating to get together and assemble the album.

In the event, I was involved in; all who wanted to participate gave photos, notes and such to a few ladies who had scrapbook expertise. Those ladies were the ones who assembled the album and made the design and color decisions. That worked wonderful with our group and may cut down on confusion for your group. This may also allow those who do not have time or interest in scrapbooking to participate.

Another alternative to a scrapbook event would be to have everyone make their pages separately. On a given date, you could meet to assemble the book together or turn into one or two ladies to assemble the final project. Keep in mind, this method may not be uniform as everyone will have different pages in reference to style and colors. Yet, this may be the sweetest scrapbook as it will showcase each individual’s love and creativity.

However you decide to run your group scrapbook gift, I can assure you that your special person will feel very loved by it!

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