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One of my mom’s most cherished possessions is a scrapbook she received on her 35th wedding anniversary. It was made by a large group of family and friends during my parents’ anniversary party. Some call this type of project a “guest scrapbook” since it is compiled from photos and memorabilia donated by guests who attend a particular party or function.

My parents’ book is a little different in that each guest came to the party with a pre-made 12 by 12-inch page that was then added to an album. At the end of the bash my mom left with a 50-page book filled with incredible memories, designed with love by people she adores.

The end result was well worth all the effort put in to make the anniversary scrapbook. Personally, I think anniversary books are some of the easiest to create, especially if the couple has been together for a few decades. In fact, the longer a couple has been together, the easier it is to compile. Some of the highlights of my parents’ group scrapbook include:

*Original wedding photos

*Photos from holidays and vacations

*Various homes my parents lived in and the cars they drove

*Plenty of pictures of my mom and dad with me and my brothers

*Copies of the wedding announcement, the marriage license and the invitations

*Stories and memories of each picture from the people who took them

Journaling is a huge part of group scrapbooks, as the recipient gets to relive a certain moment in time through the eyes of a loved one. For example, my dad has 10 brothers and sisters who were more than willing to share their memories of my mom and dad’s courtship. Some family members shared hilarious stories about their early days together and the cross-country trips they used to take in my dad’s beater car. All of those stories were recorded on scrapbook pages with acid-free ink, so it can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Have you ever contributed to a group scrapbook? What was the theme?

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