Guidelines for a Specialized Scrapbook Layout

To include a specialized touch to your scrapbook layout, there are a small number of easy techniques that will add some polish without distracting from the personality of your memories.

Autograph Style

If you are forming a scrapbook for a particular occasion, stick with similar colors and writing style throughout. For instance, if you begin out writing captions onto card, it is a good idea to keep it up all the way through rather than to begin writing straight onto the page half way through. If you are planning on utilizing stickers or cutout shapes find ones that harmonize with each other. You could also use a variety of border pieces at once, from a pack of unique paper, and store them in a box to utilize as you require them.


Simply utilize the best content. Select a small number of key pieces which actually describe the day or event, they will stick out better. If you are creating a scrapbook for one particular event, attempt to use no more than three colors which all work together, to form an actual “book” feel. For an assorted book of memories, you may want to differ the tone more extensively.


Make sure fabric is trimmed of stray threads. If your cloth ribbon is fraying, utilize a small clear nail varnish to close the ends. When writing straight into your book, attempt penciling it in first and copying over it with a pen, to avoid untidy errors. If your handwriting is not as tidy as you would like, attempt utilizing stickers, letter shifts or typing. A lot of stores sell printer paper in diverse weights and colors, therefore don’t rule it out.


You desire your scrapbook to last, thus you should check for products that are acid free, mainly if they are in contact with photographs. Place a sheet of acid free white tissue paper amid every page to avoid whichever pulling or catching, and utilize double sided tape as an alternative of glue. It will secure everything on the page, and won’t dry out or soak from side to side.

By no means overlook that a scrapbook is a book of your life, and in life not anything goes as planned. If your book turns out in a different way to your hopes, don’t agonize too much over it as long as you’re content with the results.

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