Hair-raising Dilemma


Thank goodness my daughter is not a girly-girl.

I stink at applying make-up and I can’t style hair to save my life.

Scroll down to my bio photo for proof.

Fortunately, my daughter blissfully embraces her short, low-maintenance hairdo.

Not only do her not-so long locks save us precious time in the morning, but they also assure that she will never be banned from her class picture because I’ve turned her tresses into an eye-popping coiffure.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for Marcella Marino.

The pretty 4-year-old blonde made headlines recently when school officials booted her from a class photo.

According to the Daily Mail, the UK youngster was left in tears when her teacher told her that she could not sit with the rest of her class for the annual photo because her updo was too distracting.

Marino reportedly arrived at school on picture-taking day sporting a bow in her hair.

Actually, the bow was made of hair. Her hair.

Marino’s father, a professional hair stylist, who runs his own salon in Kent, gathered his daughter’s long locks into an updo that resembled a large bow.

While Marino’s dad maintained that the style was “simple yet elegant,” school administrators categorized the little girl’s do as a don’t.

Marino’s hairdresser dad told news reporters that he was shocked by the school’s decision and noted that he did not realize that a hair bow violated the dress code.

“Marcella asked me if I could do her hair like a princess for the school photo and I came up with a style, using her hair to make a bow.” the girl’s father told the Daily Mail. “I thought it looked wonderful and Marcella loved it. I am so disappointed – I could understand if Marcella arrived with her hair dyed or something, but this is an elegant look which I think the school should be proud of.”

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The principal claims Marino’s hairstyle breached the school’s dress code, which outlaws braided hair. However, the girl’s dad argues that the bow is not a braid.

“It isn’t a hair braid, it is quite simply a knot in the shape of a bow, and I should know because I’m a hairdresser.”

In the end, the school didn’t back down when it came to young Marcella’s updo, and the young girl was nixed from the class photo.

I still don’t see why the teacher didn’t simply undo the girl’s do, brush her mane and allow her to be a part of the photo.

Why turn a simple updo into a hair-raising dilemma and scar a kid for life?

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