Hallmark and SmileBox.com Join Forces

Hallmark and Smilebox.com Join Forces

We are all familiar with the Hallmark cards. They have been a long-time front runner in the greeting card business. Over the past few years, we have become more familiar with online greeting card companies. In an earlier blog, I shared some information about SmileBox.com where you can go to create customized greeting cards, layouts and more. Now SmileBox.com and Hallmark have joined together to bring you even more exciting features.

The Hallmark service is available and can be downloaded free of charge. They are still working on a Mac version, so for all of you Mac users (like me), you will have to wait a little longer to use these features.

With this greeting card service, you can send a customized card by email free of charge. The catch is that the recipient will have to watch a short ad before viewing their card. I personally think that would be a little disappointing for the recipient, so I would probably opt for the $.99 version where the recipient can view the card without an ad. You can also subscribe to Clbu Smile box for $4.99 a month or $39.99 per year and send an unlimited number of cards. You also get most music options with this plan.

This would be a great service to use when sending out birth announcements, graduation announments or holiday cards. It would save a lot of time because you would not have all of the card production time. No need to address envelopes either. You would also save money because you would not need to buy the cards/announcements and you would not have to pay any postage.

I still prefer to send homemade cards, but as we all know, things can get busy and it is nice to have a back up plan that doesn’t involve calculating shipping time to get it there on time.

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