Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Moms

Expecting mothers don’t have a lot of choices in Halloween costumes. I think dressing up is great fun for parents, even if you just wear a special hat or tie on a pirate’s bandanna. You shouldn’t have to miss out on the fun just because you are pregnant.

A friend of mine one year was quite pregnant on Halloween. On an impulse, she decided to dress as a pregnant cat. She glued baby bottle nipples down the front of her shirt, put on a headband with cat ears, and drew whiskers on her face. The effect was hilarious!

Another friend and her husband dressed up as the Blues Brothers. Since she was shorter than her husband, and much rounder at seven months along, she was Jake. She got a huge suit and skinny tie from the thrift store, bought a black fedora, and wore sunglasses. Harry Potter fans could go as Uncle Vernon with a similar suit and a drawn on mustache.

I have also seen some very cute pregnant pumpkins. You can get a pumpkin suit and not need to stuff it. Or you could draw pumpkin lines on an orange t-shirt or sweatshirt and call it good. You could even add a little silk greenery or raffia for a pumpkin vine.

To hide to the bump you could be a ghost with a large flowing sheet, or a clown with really baggy pants. I’ve seen cute Hershey kiss costumes that would cover a pregnant belly, but I don’t how comfortable they’d be to walk around in. I’m not sure you could even sit down very well, which is never a good idea for expectant moms.

If you dress up for Halloween, be sure and take a picture for the family album!

Does anyone else have some fun ideas for the expecting moms?

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