Halloween Costumes on a Budget

It’s that time of year again and if you’re like most of us trying to figure out how to pull your child’s Halloween costume together can be a pain! Who has time for these things anyway? Some of those costumes can get pretty pricey out there, so this year why not get creative and make something from home?

Last year my son wanted to be a bug. I didn’t spend more than a couple of dollars and he turned out adorable. We got a black garbage bag, cut holes for his head and arms and filled it with stuffing. I tied a black ribbon around the middle and put a black beanie on his head. Then I grabbed a little headband and wrapped two black pipe cleaners around it and glued black cotton balls on the ends. Ta-da! An adorable little black ant on a budget!

This year he wants to be a ghost. Boy did I get lucky on that one! Simple, but cute. For older children you can use a white sheet, for toddlers you may prefer to use a white pillow case. Cut a hole for the head and arms, then simply paint their face and hair white. You can add black lettering (i.e. Boo!) or a cute patch to give the costume some more character. Get your kids involved and let them help decide what to add to the costume! They’ll be so much more excited if they get to help make their very own costumes this year!

Another fun one we did a couple years ago was a little family of “Chick-fil-a Cows.” I went to our local arts and crafts store and got some black sticky felt. When I got home I cut out little cow spots and stuck them on some old white shirts. Then I grabbed a red marker and made the “Eat Mor Chikin” sign. Everybody loved it and it was so easy! And the best part, it cost hardly anything!

If money is tight this year, these are some fun ways to have a great costume without spending more than a few dollars! Get creative and see what you can come up with this year! Your kids will love helping Mom make their costumes and it will create memories that will last long after the trick-or-treating is over!

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