Hanging Out in the Scrapbook Store (2)

Face it, scrapbook stores are overwhelming, especially if you’re not very familiar with how it all works. In fact, every store is different, so its impossible to predict a stores layout or what they will have. All four of our stores carry totally different stuff.

In an earlier article, I discussed the first couple parts of a scrapbook store, and now I will continue on with more.

Sample Layout Area

Sample layouts are usually posted in various locations at any scrapbook store. Often they are created to increase awareness of a class or crop. Two scrapbook stores here locally, actually have full albums from the owners available to look at. It’s nice to get a personal glimpse into someones life, and in addition glean creative inspiration.

The Crop Room/Classroom/Workshop

Not all stores have them, but most do. If they don’t have a room, they might have a long table in the back. What you can usually expect to find, is many gadgets and scrapbooking tools that you can use if you sign up for a class, or a crop. It is also a great place to gather with a friend or two (or make a new one) and get some scrapbooking done. Classes are plentiful at most scrapbook stores and will take place in this area.

The Register

The register is where we pay, duh – right? But it is also a great place to ask questions, get to know the store employees and the owner or find new products and other items. In addition, this is the place to request to be added to the stores’ newsletter. Why would you want that? You will find out about classes, crops, all-nighters, new products, happenings in the stores and sales.

A scrapbook store with thousands of products does not have to be overwhelming. They should be friendly, comfortable places to shop. If one store makes you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable, seek out another store. I know that not everyone has multiple options, but it has been a rare occurrence that I have found an unfriendly, uncomfortable scrapbook store.