Happy Lallyversary!

I don’t know my dogs’ birthdays, so I celebrate their anniversaries — the days they came to join my pack. Yesterday was my Lally’s third anniversary; I adopted this little boxer/shar-pei mix on September 13, 2003.

My baby girl!

We didn’t go too crazy with the celebrations. Her three favorite things in the world are: playing ball, chicken, and being with me. So yesterday involved all three. Lally and Moose got a little bit of roasted chicken mixed in with breakfast and dinner. Miss Lally Bee and I spent plenty of time playing ball in the yard. And when I did have to come inside to work, Lally curled up next to the desk to keep me company.

My sweet baby girl really has come a long way since I brought her home from the Rutland County Humane Society. The very first thing she did in her new home? Jump on my bed and piddle. It wasn’t an auspicious beginning to our relationship. She was very skittish, and would run (or have an accident) at every weird noise or loud voice. Every time I got home from work, she’d be so happy to see me that she’d piddle at the front door.

Over the months, Lally gained confidence. That helped the piddle problems a lot. An ex-boyfriend’s dog introduced her to fetch, and her love affair with balls began. Her intelligence started to show — I can ask her for a specific toy (like Ropey Man or the Blue Bunny) and she’ll bring it to me.

Lally is a lot more like a dog than my first dog, Miko, was. She likes to play. She occasionally rolls in smelly, dead things. She does dog things! I was more than a little spoiled with Miko; he joined the family fully trained and with a repertoire of tricks to show off. He wasn’t much like a typical dog at all. With Lally, it took a little more time and effort to establish a bond and a relationship.

Lally’s personality seems to still be developing. Over the last few months, she has become more possessive of me. At night, if Lally gets into bed with me, she will try to prevent Moose from joining us. (Her bared teeth and growls don’t faze him; he just walks around her.) It’s amazing to remember how very timid and submissive she was just three years ago. I can’t wait to see what she’s like in three more.

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