Has He Been Married Before?

Marriage is a constant commitment to one another to make your relationship work. There are outside factors, however, that can create some challenges along the way. For example, has your husband been married before? With the divorce rates in the United States as high as they are it is no surprise that many men are on marriage number two. What does this mean for you, being wife number two?

His first marriage is over and the two of you are very happy and settling into your new life together. However, he has a child from his previous marriage. What this means is that the ex-spouse will always be hanging around, so to speak. Hopefully the relationship will be amiable but what if it is not? What if his ex spouse is spiteful or is trying to cause a riff in your household? You will most likely have sporting evens and situations surrounding the child that will require you are all in the same place at the same time from time to time. How do you deal with it if there is ugliness or uncomfortableness? STAY STRONG! Stay strong in the love you have for your spouse. Stay strong by remembering the two of you are married for a reason and try not to let negativity penetrate your loving home. As soon as we give power to negativity in any area of our life it opens us up for attack.

Marrying someone who has been married before is challenging enough but when you are dealing with ex spouses it is easy to allow it to affect your relationship in a negative way. Also it can be challenging because your spouse may have a set of routines that they are “used” to and learning new routines with you may take time.

Maintain confidence in who you are, in the love you and your spouse have found and in your commitment to your family. If you are both working together and moving in the same direction than your marriage can be wonderfully satisfying…even if he has been married before.

What sort of challenges have you had?


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