Have a Glittery New Year

I now see why some moms refer to glitter as “Devil’s Dust.”

Whether you were one of the millions slaughtered by the Blizzard of 2010 or you live in a cold climate 365 days a year, if your kids are on break from school right now, then you’re likely trying to find any and every way possible to preserve your sanity while combating cabin fever.

And by “any” I mean… GLITTER.

Glitter, glitter everywhere. Can you have it any other way?

Really. Is it possible to glitter with kids and not get it EV.ER.Y.WHERE?

With the New Year fast approaching my daughter spent the better part of the day with her BFF Glitter making dazzling decorations to commemorate the end of 2010. Here are just a few of the shiny masterpieces she made that sent glitter flying to the far reaches of our home, including the teeny-tiniest cracks and crevices… and in a certain someone’s underwear:



Cardboard tube—an empty paper towel or toilet tissue roll

Gold or silver paint



Uncooked rice


Paint tube and set off to side to dry.

When tube is completely dry decorate it with glitter.

Fill the tube about 1/5 full of rice and staple or glue ends shut. Or you can cut out of circles from construction paper and fix them very securely over each end of tube.

Use tube to ring in New Year.



Construction paper

Gold and silver paint

Gold and silver glitter




Use pencil to trace child’s handprints in center of construction paper.

Use glue to write the year across the hands. Apply glitter to glue.

Use markers to add a New Year’s message if you desire.



Plastic headband

Sparkle craft sticks or glittery chenille sticks

Shiny metallic silver cardstock

Glitter glue



Cut four stars from the cardstock.

On each star write a number 2 – 0 – 1 – 1 with glitter glue.

Glue the “2” star to one end of a pipe cleaner, and one “1” star to the other.

Glue the other two stars onto opposite ends of another pipe cleaner.

Cover the headband in glue. Wrap the center of the pipe cleaners tightly around the band, making sure the numbers are arranged in the right order.

Dry headband completely before wearing.

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