Have You Seen Studio G Stamps?

These stamps are the coolest little stamps out there. I have had a serious passion for stamping for longer than I have been scrapbooking. However I got the stamping fever a couple of years ago and have gone crazy getting all the terrific sets I just “must have”. However, when I finally lay my eyes on these little gems, I knew I’d be hooked and I had to have them all.

Studio G is not a brand new company, but they are continuously coming out with new lines. They also seem to make a huge impact in the scrapbook world each season as they prepare for the upcoming seasons and holidays with all new stamp sets they release. There are 40 new ones released for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. And let me just say, there are so stinkin’ cute.

There are already several series of stamps out, and they are terrific for card making, scrapbooking and any paper craft. They aren’t as easy to find though some report that they see them all the time.

Reported sightings have been at Michael’s, JoAnn’s and ACMoore. Some scrapbooker’s have even mentioned seeing them at their local Target store, but I cannot confirm any of them.

And the best part of the studio G line of stamps? They are $1.00!! This makes collecting the whole series an actual possibility. So keep your eyes out the next time you shop at one of those places, and you just might be the new owner of a whole slew of fun stamps!

In the upcoming weeks I will show you some new ways to use stamps on your layouts and also show you how to make some cute and simple cards for any occasion. Keep watching the blog for all the new additions!

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