Have You Survived Building a House?

There are some things that are just known for couples to argue and fight over. Some of those things are money, kids, and household chores. Another major dilemma that is often thought of to take place among couples who are building a house.

I have never experience the process of building a new house. However, I have heard from almost everyone that I know that has built a house that it is a major undertaking.

The stress of details, deadlines, and decisions can create much tension among couples. This especially can happen if the couple decides to complete some of the work themselves.

I hear more arguments between couples that decide to take on little (or big) chores of the construction instead of hiring out the work. The most common difference of discussion among these couples is the time in which the work is completed. Most of the wives are not pleased with the time frame in which their husbands are getting the work completed. They feel that their husbands should spend every free moment working on the home. However, the men usually do not.

The other complaint that I hear from wives when their husbands choose to work on the home themselves is that small things go left unfinished. While he may complete the major work, he leaves the smaller things undone and promises to get to them later (which ends up being a lot later). These small things include things such as doorknobs, cabinet fixtures, retouch painting, and more.

Couples who hire out the entire house to be completed still have stress but it seems that some of the tension is lifted by the couple not having to spend the time working on the home.

While I have not gone through this house building experience, I am sure that many of you have. Was it as bad as I hear that it is? How did you survive it?

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