Have Your Photos Ready


Keeping photos organized and ready to use is a common challenge for scrapbookers. It can be frustrating when you sit down to scrapbook, but you just can’t seem to find photos that you want to scrapbook.

I’d like to share a few things that work for me to insure that photos are always ready to scrapbook.

The first step for me in getting my photos organized is uploading them to my computer and then sorting them into categories. Since I have become less of a chronological scrapbooker, having the photos categorized by person and event has become very important to me.

Each month I spend some time going through my photos from the past month and put them into a photo order folder on my desktop. Once I have selected all of the pictures that I want to have printed, I them upload them to an online photo service (I usually use Snapfish.com.)

By taking some time each month to order new photos, I always have a fresh set of photos to scrapbook. Having my photo envelope arrive in the mail just gets me excited to put the pictures to work on a layout.

I usually order enough photos each month to complete 6-8 layouts. This is about the number of layouts I am able to complete each month. This helps me not feel like I am too far “behind” because I don’t orders stacks of photos that just sit around. I just order what I know I will be able to use that month.

Sometimes I end up ordering more photos for a specific layout than I actually end up using. I put these extra photos into a photo box. I let my daughter use these extra photos on her craft projects, or I will go through the box and pull out photos that end up working on a different layout than I had originally planned.

Creating a photo organization system that works for you will help make scrapbooking more of a creative process and less of a stress.

Why types of systems do you use for organizing your pictures?

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