Hawaii–A Honeymooner’s Paradise

If you have ever visited Hawaii this news should come as no surprise to you. If you have ever dreamed of visiting Hawaii then this news may encourage you to book a trip. For the tenth year in a row, Hawaii beat out other sunny locales to retain the title of Modern Bride Magazine’s top destination for honeymooners.

The “Aloha State” took the No. 1 slot in the magazine’s annual “World’s Best Honeymoons” beating out exotic destinations Tahiti (2), Italy (3), Mexico (4), Fiji (5), Anguilla (6), St. Lucia (7), Bermuda (8), France (9) and Costa Rica (10).

The annual survey — which was conducted by Virtuoso Ltd., a network of 6,000 U.S. travel agents –is featured in the current edition of the magazine. It awarded Hawaii top points for “romance, sexy ambience, beaches, food, snorkeling and diving.”

The magazine justified the survey results by reasoning: “Hawaii and honeymooners are like chocolate and macadamia nuts. Both are great on their own, but together they’re irresistible. … The mix of the familiar and the exotic means there’s an aloha experience for everyone. Just a short plane ride from California, Hawaii puts paradise at the honeymooner’s fingertips.”

I was born and raised in Hawaii and honeymooned there as well, so to me the survey results did not come as a shock. However, I don’t think readers who are already married should dismiss Hawaii as a vacation destination. Granted, the state offers quite a bit in the way of romance, but that’s not to say that you and your husband of 15 years would not enjoy–sharing a sunset dinner, swimming with dolphins, hiking through a rainforest, relaxing on a powder-soft sandy beach, learning to hula, imbibing in tropical cocktails, or receiving side-by-side poolside massages–just as much as newlyweds would.

It’s true, I shamelessly plug the state every chance I get, and for no other reason (no, I don’t work for the state’s tourism bureau) than to hopefully encourage others to experience an unforgettable trip to paradise.

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