HDTV Deals in January

Did you miss out on the HDV deals on Black Friday? Don’t worry, you are probably better off. The real deals are coming in January. That is when you can pick up a brand name HDTV for a rock bottom price.

During the Black Friday Blitz, there were some low priced HDTV deals. That is for sure. What you may have noticed, though, if you looked closely, is that none of those deals were for high brand name HDTVs. Instead, the Black Friday sales featured many third-tier brands. Sure the deals are great, but you have to shop early, and in some cases camp out for hours for a chance at a deal. The news carries so many stories of people lining up days before to get their HDTV deals.

The good news is that if you are looking for name brands or higher end televisions (or home theater systems), you are better off buying them a month or two later.

When January and February roll around, you can expect some really good deals on the brand name HDTVs. This is because the manufacturers and the stores want to clear their inventory during these months in order to release and make room for the new models that they can feature after the electronic shows. New models of HDTVs come out in the spring season.

To get even better deals, do you research and then ask about floor models. You may be able to save an additional 50 percent off. Often you can also combine the low HDTV prices with additional store sales or promotional coupons.

Finally, check for used HDTVs online at auction sites and the classifieds. Families who got HDTVs at Christmas for gifts may be looking to get rid of their older models for 70 or more percent off of the original retail price. I’ve seen high end $1500 televisions that are three years old selling for $250. Just be sure to buy from someone local to avoid shipping.

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