Health Issues with Apple Juice and Toddlers

apple juice Apple juice, as a clear fluid, is often recommended when a child is sick or has a stomach virus. But, there are other health issues that have been associated with children and apple juice. Here is what you need to know about the latest research.

As a rule, my kids very rarely drink juice in our house. Usually we offer milk or water. I prefer allowing my kids to eat whole fruits instead of juice for a few reason. They can get more fiber and vitamins from the whole fruit, they consume less sugar and the sugar that is consumed an absorb more slowly due to that fiber, and there is less of a chance of issue with runny stool.

But juice isn’t all bad. The citric acid present in juice, even apple juice although to a much less degree than orange juice, can increase iron absorption. At one point, doctors were concern about the popularity of apple juice over orange juice just for this reason, but recent research shows that there is actually no difference in iron absorption when children drink apple juice instead of orange juice.

Drinking too much apple juice can result in a condition known as carbohydrate-induced abdominal pain. Basically what this means that the high carbohydrate concentration (sugar) in apple juice can cause stomach pain. If your toddler suffers from frequent stomach pain, cut down on the apple juice and see if that makes a difference.

Apple juice can also cause loose stools or diarrhea in some cases. Again, observe your child and reduce the apple juice to see if that makes a difference.

When you first introduce your child to apple juice try watering the juice down. The watered down version will be more gentle on your toddler’s tummy.

Where do you stand on giving your child juice?

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