Hearts and Hands and Kindergarten Math: Christian Liberty Press

This is a big year for me with regards to homeschooling. One of my daughters entered her first year in middle school while the other entered her first year in Kindergarten. Whenever your child enters into a new transition you want to be sure to provide the best to build a proper foundation. While I have taught Kindergarten twice before I am not so prideful to say I can do it with my eyes closed. Each of my children is different and I am always seeking to find the best curriculum. I also want something that conforms to my beliefs and to my budget without sacrificing quality.

One such publisher which does not disappoint in quality, price and worldview (for Christians) is Christian Liberty Press. I had the amazing opportunity to review two Kindergarten books they publish; Hearts and Hands and Liberty Mathematics Level K. My little student was thrilled to get her new workbooks in the mail and wanted to sit down and do every page right then.

Hearts and Hands

Hearts and Hands is a beautiful book to lay a foundation for learning. This is a wonderful resource for the summer before Kindergarten or to work on during the Kindergarten year. The book consists of drills for numbers, letters and phonics. The concept is to simply introduce your child to the basics. I strongly encourage any parent considering sending their child to school or homeschooling for the first year to get this book before as a summer workbook. This book sets a child up for success. I received mine once the Kindergarten year was in full force and yet it still provided a wonderful review and extra work for my child. She loves this workbook above all her others. The activities are fun and change up enough to keep interest while still maintaining consistency. I can be quite sentimental about books and I have to say that this workbook just grabbed my heart. I realize that sounds silly but it just epitomizes those first lessons and teachings with your little one. I know I will use this again with my last child and each time I see the cover I will think of those sweet first days of school.

Liberty Mathematics Level K

This workbook is logically organized into concepts to introduce to your Kindergarten student. The pages are interesting but not distracting. The teaching is sound with no frills just solid quality teaching. Do not mistake that for boring as this math book is quite interesting and appealing to a Kindergarten student. My student loves her math book and I love how it is set up. The approach is a mix of spiral and mastery as it teaches concept by concept for understanding but will review old concepts from time to time. The method used will provided a solid foundation for math at this grade level. I rarely purchase a Kindergarten math book but this one is worth buying because of the approach.


Counting to 100



Place Value

Telling Time

Skip Counting


And more!

Please visit Christian Liberty Press for these and other quality items!

I was provided both books with the promise I would give it a fair, objective, and truthful review.

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