Heat Affects Schools

The heat and dryness in the southern United States has caused quite a concern during these past summer months. Crops, flowers, and gardens have been dying out early and blistering in the sun. Wells have been going dry and people are encouraged to conserve city water.

Tennessee, among other states, has seen records highest for heat and record lows for rain. Temperatures have reached as high as 110 degrees with the heat index being higher.

The summer vacation seemed mainly mild. The heat wave occurred just as schools were getting back in session. While in most cases the children are cool in the classrooms, school administrators have also had some weather related concerns.

Teachers are being asked to keep the children indoors during the midday heat. Outside playtime has been limited to fifteen minutes in the early morning. However because some gymnasiums are not air conditioned, physical education teachers have been left with little choice to avoid hot conditions.

Children in my county have been allowed to carry bottles of water on the bus for afternoon rides home. In some areas, bus drivers and students have become overheated while waiting on idol buses. Ballgames and practices have been postponed until late afternoon.

Schools in Nashville, Tennessee have determined that children would be better off only attending half days during the cooler hours. They are notifying parents on a nightly basis of how long the students will attend school the following day.

There are many weather conditions that affect school. My county has closed schools for snow and ice. We have also been closed due to storms and predictions of tornados. The school system has closed due to flooding in areas where buses would be traveling. However, this is the first time that the sunshine has ever caused a concern for teachers and school administrators.

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