Helping Children Get Started With Scrapbooking

Although scrapbooking is a hobby seen mostly with adults, many children and teenagers enjoy creating their own unique books. I have always tried to set aside photographs that I want to keep but might not incorporate into a scrapbook, or I always made sure I had doubles on hand. These were pictures that my children could use to create their own special scrapbooks.

Don’t think that it’s just girls who will enjoy this activity. When my children were younger, they put together an entire book of their own. My son was in the 3rd grade at the time. Most children, no matter their gender, will find it fun putting together a treasured memory keeper.

To make the occasion extra special, visit a craft/hobby/scrapbook store together. Let your child pick out their own album, embellishments, paper and whatever other supplies may be needed. The idea is to make this scrapbook truly their own. Avoid input, unless asked.

When it’s time to put the books together let your children do what they want. The idea is to make it special and unique. You might have great tips and those are fine if they are welcomed by your child. However, for the most part you want to allow your child to come up with their own thing.

I would also encourage your child to journal in their scrapbook. Getting their own perspective about events in their lives is fun and could be eye-opening. It doesn’t matter if they write neatly. Remember, this scrapbook is personal for your child so let them be who they are through their creation. Avoid criticism or any show of questioning on what they are doing.

If your child really enjoys the hobby you might start their own scrapbooking kit. In a basket or plastic container, fill it up with any extra supplies you might have on hand or pick some up the next time you are at the store. Whenever your child is inspired, they will have the necessary tools to be creative at their own discretion.

When your child completes a book, they will feel proud of their accomplishment. It’s yet another treasured keepsake that you can look back on and enjoy.

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